Launching in Spring 2022

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Great Schools

Clean Streams


About Great Schools, Clean Streams

Great Schools, Clean Streams is New Castle County's annual environmental awareness campaign. Sponsored by the Department of Public Works, our goal is to help residents do their part to keep our waterways clean and safe, prevent plumbing problems at home, and support their local school system. 


Great Schools, Clean Streams is a pledge drive. No, we're not looking for donations! We partner with schools in the county to encourage residents to pledge to dispose of their used cooking fats, oils, and grease properly. Those who make this pledge can assign it to any public, charter, parochial or private school located in New Castle County, DE. The schools that collect the most pledges in their enrollment tier win cash prizes. 

About New Castle County Department of Public Works

The New Castle County Department of Public Works is comprised of six divisions that manage different aspects of all County assets:


  • The Sewer Engineering Division is responsible for the design & construction of County buildings, parks & sanitary sewer infrastructure. sewer pipes, causing backups into homes and spills into local waterways. Yuck!

  • Stormwater and Environmental Programs Division is charged with ensuring that New Castle County is in compliance with State & Federal environmental laws. It provides technical and scientific support services towards the departmental goal of providing a safe living and working environment to the citizens of New Castle County

  • The Sewer Maintenance Division handles the operation, maintenance & repair of all New Castle County sewers, wastewater pumping stations & wastewater treatment plants.

  • The Parks Division plans, maintains and operates the County’s Parks facilities.  This includes 247 parks encompassing over 5,600 acres of parkland, 1900 acres of open space and 57 miles of trails.

  • The Facilities and Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for the upkeep of all County-owned buildings, , acquisition & repair of all County vehicles & non-office equipment.,

  • The Administrative Division monitors each of the divisions for quality of services, oversees both the operating & capital budgets, maintains an inventory of all New Castle County property, & handles employee training & worker's compensation matters.


New Castle County is trying to stop untreated sewage from spilling from the sewer system into local streams and rivers. One cause of these spills is buildups of cooking fat, oils, and grease in sewer pipes -- known as FOG. When residents dump FOG down their kitchen sink, it builds up and eventually clogs.