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2017 Winning Schools!

Congratulations to the top pledge earning schools in the 2017 Great Schools Clean Streams Pledge Drive!

Thank you so much for doing your part this year and pledging to "can the grease" pledge on behalf of the school you selected. The pledge drive is now closed and after screening for irregularities and duplicate email addresses, we collected 6,021 pledges!

How much fat, oil, and grease does that keep out of the sewers? A lot! Using USDA numbers, we estimate that 6,021 people use more than 450,000 pounds of that stuff per year. And thanks to you and your pledges, none of that will end up in our sewer system and pollute our waterways.

Here is the final list of winning school and the cash prizes they will receive:

Public and Charter Schools:

  • First Place, Odyssey Charter School, 408 pledges, $1,750

  • Second Place, First State Montessori Academy, 465 pledges, $1,250

  • Third Place, MOT Charter School, 333 pledges, $750

Private Schools:

  • First Place, Christ the Teacher Catholic School, 374 pledges, $1,750

  • Second Place, Ursuline Academy, 359 pledges, $1,250

  • Third Place, Caravel Academy, 202 pledges, $750

Honorable Mentions:

  • Linden Hill Elementary School, 310 pledges

  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, 280 pledges

  • William Penn High School, 223 pledges

  • Forest Oak Elementary School, 190 pledges

  • Mount Pleasant Elementary School, 175 pledges

  • North Star Elementary School, 175 pledges

  • The Independence School, 162 pledges

  • The Tatnall School, 149 pledges

  • Holy Angels Elementary School, 147 pledges

  • St. Edmonds Academy, 146 pledges

All honorable mentions receive $250.

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