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Great Schools

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Why Pledge?

Used cooking fats, oils, and grease belong in the trash, not down the drain!

Here's what we hope you pledge to do: Let the oil and grease cool down, and put it in a container. When the container is full, put it in the trash. It seems like a simple step, but it makes a big difference for your home. And when thousands of New Castle County residents do it, it makes a big difference for our local waterways!

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Clogged plumbing is the problem you prevent when you can your grease

When you pour hot fat, oil, and grease down the drain, it looks like it goes away, but it really doesn't. If you're lucky, the clog will only cause your kitchen sink to back up and overflow. If you are unlucky, it can cause your toilet to overflow. 

And if you're really unlucky, your whole basement can flood. Yuck!

Clogged sewers is the second problem you prevent by canning your grease

Sometimes that hot fat, oil, and grease makes it to the sewer system before it cools down and hardens up. But these "fatbergs" are everybody's problem because clogged sewers carry less water. And they are everybody's problem because New Castle County spends a lot of money each year cleaning fatbergs out of the sewer system. 


Great Schools, Clean Streams is a public awareness campaign to educate residents of New Castle County, Delaware about how clean waterways can start in their own kitchens. Residents who pledge to keep fats, oil, and grease out of the sewer system can help their preferred county school win cash prizes. 


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